Do we bomb Libya to make oil more expensive?

Obama said such nonsense today that even the cows grazing on the nearby lawn were surprised. First, he stated that America can no longer depend on imported oil, because prices are way too high, calling for greater use of biofuels and increase in production of domestic oil, and secondly said that by 2035 80% of U.S. electricity will be produced from “non-oil sources”.

Obama used a new term in his speech – “a non-oil source”. What does this mean? Of course, it does not mean that it will be wind and solar power sources. When Obama says “non-oil” at the time when Fukushima spewing radioactive iodine in the atmosphere of the earth the “non-oil sources” should be understood as a nuclear power, besides that Obama’s energy strategy was written by General Electric managers. The “non-oil sources” is just latest politically correct term invented by white house administration to delude the public.

So … Comedy, which began with the discovery of global warming by so called scientists 13 years ago, continues. At first we were just being scared by global warming activists predicting all possible scary things which could happen to us if we continue to use fossil fuels, hoping that we would give up the oil and gas consumption voluntarily and give our permission to build more nuclear power stations which were declared save to the environment. But oil became cheap, thus making nuclear business unprofitable. Then the American and British government began to pursue a deliberate policy for bringing instability to the Middle East thus making oil more expensive. And at last Obama ask us to deal with high oil prices by increasing domestic oil and natural gas production.

Something wrong with all of this newest presidential policy, any American should know that a substantial increase in oil and gas production in North America are possible only if oil prices are high enough thus making domestic oil and natural gas production profitable. This means that if you intend to drill the Gulf of Mexico you should be interested in high oil prices. But American president thinks it is going to bring oil prices down.

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