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We’ll never know the whole truth about Fukushima.

     I'd like to remind you that recognizable image which every one of us holds in minds due to western propaganda that Chernobyl power plant did not meet any international safety standards and therefore the accident led to such disastrous results. Over the last twenty five years they told us that Chernobyl type reactors were dangerous and unsafe. They pressed government of Eastern Europe countries to close Chernobyl-like power plants. We have been constantly asserted by many officials that Chernobyl-like reactors are unsafe and American's reactors are not. These all proved to be lie.

     Now let's hear what wrote The New York Times a few weeks after Chernobyl accident.
    The nuclear power plant that exploded in the Soviet Union last month had more safety features and was closer to American reactor designs than Western experts had assumed in the days soon after the accident, nuclear experts say. Although it probably would not have met United States safety standards, the experts say, the Chernobyl plant incorporated enough of the advanced safety features used in American reactors to raise questions among some experts about the effectiveness of nuclear plant designs in this country. The conclusions are based on technical drawings and other information obtained through Government and international scientific sources by American nuclear experts in recent days. Steel and Concrete Structure The experts say it has become clear that a large structure of heavy steel and concrete surrounded the No. 4 reactor at Chernobyl, and that at least some of this containment structure was designed to withstand pressures similar to those in many American reactors. The roof of the Chernobyl plant was blown off by a hydrogen explosion April 26, allowing radiation to spread over the Ukraine, Eastern Europe and parts of Scandinavia.
     As you can see, back in 1986, immediately after the accident, the U.S. press knew exactly that Chernobyl nuclear power station and American reactors had the same level of safety or... I would say the same level of unsafety. Do you know that Chernobyl station was six years younger than Fukushima Daiichi? The Chernobyl nuclear power plant was commissioned in 1977 and Fukushima in 1971. Only on this basis, immediately comes to mind that the security level of Chernobyl power station should have been designed better or at least the same level than Fukushima's. The Article published in the New York Times, May 19, 1986 confirmed this opinion.

     Americans in 1986 were aware that their reactors had the same problems as the Chernobyl-type reactors, since both of them, soviet reactors as well as American's had roughly similar levels of security. One may poke into the blueprint of the Chernobyl reactor comparing it to the blueprint of the reactor GE Mark 1 Fukushima, arguing that the three concrete and steel protective layers of GE Mark 1 reactor each one as thick as half a meter are better than reinforced concrete wall of two meters thick of security layer of Chernobyl reactor, however, when the matter of safety is discussed by specialists but not by amateurs, they will immediately understand that Chernobyl-type reactor safety layers were the same or even better than those of Fukusima's.

     In this world we rarely act according to common sense. Our behavior depends mostly on whether we're going to gain some monetary profit or not. This is why American corporations decided make scapegoat out of soviet outdated or even inferior nuclear technology. Old American reactors have been declared virtually safe and continue to be in use, but Chernobyl-type reactors were labeled as inferior and unsafe. Soon, many Chernobyl-like nuclear power plants were decommissioned.

     And what we got today? What in the end turned out to be worse? Japan today has six Chernobyls instead of one. The only difference is that the wind so far blows the radiation emissions away in the Pacific, but this does not mean that everything is in order. Today radiation has been detected in Iceland!

     Radiation plume has skirted two-thirds of the globe and we in North America barely noticed it? It is true wherever the radiation is recorded these days its level in the end is very low. I remember a week ago officials assured us that if radiation would reach California it is going to be almost imperceptible. Now it turned out that the radiation has already reached Iceland. It crossed the whole North American continent and we did not even notice its presence!

     It has been reported from Japan that they found some spinach growing in a hundred and twenty kilometers away from the Fukushima Daiichi miraculously was contaminated with radioactive iodine and cesium and this happened despite the fact that spinach in March, even in Japan, are grown in greenhouses. Moreover, it is reported that tap water in Tokyo contains a higher dose of radioactive iodine than normal level. Who knows maybe we will soon begin get similar reports from the farmers of Colorado?

     We'll never know the whole truth about Fukushima. The U.S. nuclear industry will never allow this. Future of America is very much dependent on the future of nuclear energy. Nuclear lobby will silent the press making this problem not important as they has done it in 1986, right after the Chernobyl disaster... Many people around us right here in America are going to die of cancer because of Fukushima... Because they did not shut down unsafe American nuclear reactors back in 1986... Because they claimed them to be safe and sound. They never change. They we'll do everything to protect their investments in nuclear energy.

Mikhail Mayorov23-03-11


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